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RaiseRight App


If you are planning to purchase a gift card, please consider signing up on the RaiseRight app and select Oakland Elementary PTA as your organization of choice by using B887485L748L2 as the enrollment code.  For every gift card that you purchase, the retailer will donate a percentage back to the PTA!  Please click HERE for more information.

You can choose to have the cards delivered to your home for a small cost ($0.50) or you can purchase e-cards.  There are over 250 retailers participating in the "home delivery" program.  We ask that at this time ALL purchases are made as an individual purchase using your bank account or credit card.  Due to remote learning, we are unable to do a large order for physical gift cards to be delivered through the school.

This is a perfect opportunity for holiday shopping, but can also be used year round for presents or your personal monthly expenses (like Meijer).  Every purchase supports our students at Oakland!

View the participating brands HERE.

Questions?  Please visit the FAQ page.

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