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Thanks for Registering as a Watch Dog

You should receive a registration email confirmation soon, if not please check your junk/spam mail.

Don't forget you must also complete the yearly school background check.  This is a school policy for everyone who volunteers in the school (room parents, field trip chaperone, Watch Dogs, etc...)

The button below links to the school volunteer page. You can print out the form and submit to the school office, with a photo copy of your ID. The "Ready to Volunteer" button on their page will open the form. 

If you can't print the background check form out or make a photo copy of your ID,  We can help with that during "Pizza Night".  Forms will be available and also ID photo copy service.

If you don't have your official Watch Dogs uniform T-Shirt yet, or you need a new one.  Please visit the T-Shirt page.

All set with background check and T-Shirt, Awesome!  Sign up for Watch Dog Days from the online calendar link on the main Watch Dogs page.

Didn't get an email confirmation?  Already checked your junk/spam folder?  If you are on this page your registration was almost certainly sent to us!  It's possible your email was typed wrong, or maybe another issue happened.  Please email us and we can look into the issue.

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