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Get your Official Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) Uniform T-Shirts.

Adult Uniform

Adult WD Front.jpg
Adult WD Back.jpg

Student Shirt

Child Front.jpg
Child Back.jpg

You will need to have an Official Watch D.O.G.S. uniform T-Shirt if you schedule a day to spend in our school.  It shows the students and staff who we are. 

You can pick one up at Pizza Night.  Payment with Cash or Check.  We try to have an assortment of common sizes.  We order them in bulk and save on shipping costs.  If we don't have enough on hand for Pizza Night we will take any extra orders and make another bulk purchase immediately after.  Those orders will be distributed thru students as quickly as we get the bulk order.

We also have student shirts available.  These are not required, but the kids love to have a matching shirt on your WatchDog days.

If you are sure you want any shirts at Pizza Night please submit the shirt request form.  We will use any entries to pre-order and reserve shirts for Pizza Night as possible.  If you need any shirts later in the year you can contact us at

The cost for T-Shirts is $15 each.  If shirt cost is a concern, but you really want to spend time in our school, please reach out and contact us.  We will try to figure something out because we want you to be involved!

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